Data Protection

Data protection is a potential minefield for law firms, with differing and sometimes conflicting obligations and responsibilities in respect of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, the common law duty of confidentiality to the client, the duty of confidentiality to the court and Legal Professional Privilege.

The obligations of confidentiality are complicated further when considered in the context of mandatory disclosure e.g. in compliance with AML legislation and the Suspicious Activity Reporting regime.

Our consultants can help you to understand your duties of confidentiality and data protection, design and implement compliant systems and processes and make defensible decisions in scenarios requiring the balancing of  complex and conflicting legal factors.

data protection

It has been fantastic working with Laurence Howland and Buckles Law. Laurence is very experienced in the anti-money laundering rules and regulations and is passionate about helping professional services firms effectively implement those rules into their practices. Laurence will go the extra mile for us and our clients and this is very much appreciated.


Sharon Cooke FCA CTA
Technical Director
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Why you need to care about the sanctions on Russians

By Laurence Howland | 10/08/2022 |

On the 24 February 2022, Russian troops moved into the Donbas region of Ukraine in what President Vladimir Putin described as a “special military operation” and most Western countries described as a full-scale invasion. In the wake of this military incursion, many countries including the UK hurriedly implemented a wide range of sanctions against Russian…