Training on compliance requirements

We can offer your firm tailored training courses for partners, fee earners, finance and support staff on subjects including:

  • The SRA standards and regulations

  • Money laundering regulations

  • Sanctions

  • Bribery act offences

  • Facilitation of tax fraud

  • Fraud threats

  • Risk management

Please contact us for more information on our training products.


We have recently engaged Laurence to undertake a series of training courses for our whole team, updating us on changes and developments in the Anti Money Laundering arena. Laurence has presented the courses in an engaging, interesting and informative style. His wealth of experience in this area has meant he has been able to provide real life experiences and examples which has really helped to bring the legislation alive and help our team apply the rules to real life and the client base of PEM. The feedback from the courses has been superb, with team members commenting they found it engrossing and as a firm we are delighted to have satisfied all our objectives for the training. We have engaged Laurence to undertake further training on a cyclical basis.


Kelly Bretherick
MLRO, PEM Chartered Accountants

Why you need to care about the sanctions on Russians

By Laurence Howland | 10/08/2022 |

On the 24 February 2022, Russian troops moved into the Donbas region of Ukraine in what President Vladimir Putin described as a “special military operation” and most Western countries described as a full-scale invasion. In the wake of this military incursion, many countries including the UK hurriedly implemented a wide range of sanctions against Russian…